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FastTimes Motorworks is a name that is synonymous with quality, precision, and power.  Our machining facility houses equipment that is the standard of the industry from Sunnen, Serdi, Kwik-Way and Berco.  Just because a shop has fancy new equipment doesn’t mean they are the best.

Some of the biggest names in the automotive industry still rely on equipment that is well over 50 years old!  As we continue to work with this tried-and-trued machinery, our plans are to upgrade to state-of-the-art equipment to improve workflow, decrease machine time, and provide you with many more services. 


  • Block cleaning (burn & blast)
  • Line boring
  • Line honing
  • Surfacing
  • Cylinder boring
  • Cylinder honing, with and without torque plates
  • O-ring groove machining and o-ring installation
  • Lifter truing  & bronze bushing installation
  • Clearancing for stroker rotating assemblies
  • Machining for sleeves & installation


  • Internal & external crankshaft balancing
  • Heavy metal installation
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • Double keyway machining
  • Crankshaft grinding

Cylinder Head:

  • Valve guide & seat machining  and installation
  • Valve Job: Multi-angle, Radius, & Competition
  • Flat and angle milling
  • Cylinder head porting
  • Receiver groove & o-ring machining
  • Welding & Repair


  • Connecting  Rod Reconditioning
  • Connecting rod balancing
  • Pin fitting – pistons and rods
  • Gas porting
  • Dome profiling
  • Skirt & dome coating


  • Carburetor & Fuel Injection
  • Track-side Tuning
  • Alcohol Fuel Tuning
  • Nitrous Tuning
  • Chassis Setup


  • Intake manifold milling
  • Flywheel balancing
  • Drilling & tapping manifold for nitrous nozzles
  • Miscellaneous welding services
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