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FastTimes Motorworks is a name that is synonymous with quality, precision, and power. Our machining facility houses equipment that is the standard of the industry...

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We are distributors for some of the finest parts available to the automotive aftermarket.  There’s a reason why we sell what we do, we’ve tried them. Visit our on-line store. 

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Spotlight is where we feature overviews of our latest projects and comments from the car owners. Check it out here.

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speedometerIcon Welcome to High Performance.

'high - per·for·mance' - modified to give superior performance; "a high-performance car"- superior - of high or superior quality or performance; "superior wisdom derived from experience";

If superior performance is what you want, that’s what you’ll get. Our years of working with the best racers and developing engine combinations to set records and win championships means you get the same experience and knowledge that will be applied to your own engine, regardless if it’s a Flathead or an LS3.

Superior performance does not need to be a twin-turbo Hemi-headed big block, its all about what you expect and how we can exceed those expectations!

engineIcon Premier Engine Design.

Anyone can assemble an engine, but how about design, function, and performance?

We develop and design engines based on need.  Whether you have a daily driver or are looking for a record setting race engine, we’ve done both, and everything in between.   With over 100 years of combined experience of our in-house team and performance consultants, we can provide you with whatever you can imagine. And then some.

Don’t risk your hard earned money just to have an engine assembled.  Have yours crafted.  Have yours designed.  Just for you, as it should be.

engineIconCustom Shop

Custom. Restore. Build.

Not looking for a package engine?  No problem.  One off or one-of-10?  The Fast Times Custom shop is for you.  Whether it’s a 2000hp pump gas street engine, or Pontiac 303 Ram Air V, we can accommodate your custom build or perfect restoration.  Or, a little of both.  

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    "Fast Times built my Hot Rod Drag Week engine, and it performed flawlessly. The engine ran strong at the tracks, pulled the trailer flawlessly between stops, and did not fuss about the 2200 mile trip back home. Fast Times will definitely be a called upon for my next engine!"

    Dane Weiler, SR/SB/NA Drag Week 2013

    / Competitor

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    "I didn't have to compromise on my vision of having a 2000 plus horsepower daily driven car- that gets 14 mile to the gallon. Graham was more than accommodating and he applied his wheelhouse to achieve race car performance in a true street car."

    Ken Ivaska

    / Independent

  • testimonial

    "I'd like to thank FastTimes Motorworks for my BBC build.It makes great power with low maintenance. They have precise machining and great customer service. If you want an engine that runs great I strongly suggest them! It was a great year of racing! Thanks again!"

    Tim Fank

    / Independent

  • testimonial

    "I had Fast Times build a motor for my Pro Touring 67 Mustang. I highly recommend this company for your high performance motor needs."

    Mike T

    / Independent

  • testimonial

    "Great guy to deal with, would recommend him to anyone I know. Everything was above my expectations and couldn't be happier with the engine that was built for me by Fast Times MotorWorks for my car."


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Racing Tales & Other Stories.

engineIcon A Look Back...

As ‘Engines by Gary Brown’ was winding down, a young man by the name of Jeff D’Agostino whom worked there was just getting going.  Jeff began working there when he was 15 years old honing blocks in the back of the shop.

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engineIcon Outside the Box.

Four years into working for FastTimes an opportunity came up for me to do something very different and gain a lot of experience. While I was not unhappy working at FTM, a challenge stood in front of me and quite a few people encouraged and pushed me to take the position.

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engineIcon Anatomy of an Engine

Just like a car, house, or even our body, an engine is comprised of a group of parts that work together to perform a function.  While all crankshafts do the same thing, they do not all perform the same, nor do they belong in every engine. 

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Owner - Graham Jones

Meet Graham Jones

Growing up the son of an airline mechanic, the technical ability is in his blood.  After moving to the Chicagoland area in 2003, he began working under Jeff D’Agostino, one of the greatest machinists and engine builders in the country.


  After four years as the general manager of FastTimes, Graham stepped down to take the position of crew chief for street car racing legend Spiro Pappas.   Jones spent three years as the head of the Pappas operation and proving his abilities.  He led the team to the 2008 NMCA S/S Championship and 2009 ADRL XTF Championship as well as numerous e.t. and speed records.

His hiatus from the racing and performance world to try something new did not last long.  He began consulting with friends, family, and industry confidantes, his decision to return to the industry was finalized.  His return breathed new life into an iconic name; his return as the owner of FastTimes Motorworks 

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"Thank you for visiting FastTimes Motorworks! It is our goal to provide you with nothing but the best in quality workmanship and customer service.

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